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About us

As a fully integrated firm, Chaccour Construction is an ideal partner to execute a single-source design-build contract. We combine architectural, engineering and construction management services to deliver a streamlined client experience. Founded in 1947 by the engineer Dimitri E. Chaccour and eventually managed by the award-winning architect & engineer Ghassan D.Chaccour in 1970.

In 2005, architects Ziad Chaccour & Marianne Chaccour developed Chaccour Construction an architecture, engineering and construction management firm focused on innovative design and combined consultancy services reflecting a renewed vision and aspiration. 

This family-owned business is based on experience, creativity and competence which contributed to broaden the company’s reach beyond the Lebanese territory and integrate it into the global market, i.e. France, UK, Nigeria, Angola, Iraq, UAE, KSA, etc.  We provide a wide variety of architecture and engineering design services, ranging from the micro level of furniture to the macro level of towns:

Residential and leisure villages, high-rise buildings, mixed-use projects, office buildings, commercial complexes, shopping malls, tourism and leisure recreation complexes, hospitals, healthcare, educational and other public buildings.