Cortbawi Hospital

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MGR Cortbawi institute

Area: 17.000 m2
Project estimated value:  51 million USD
The design for Cortbawi hospital & institute aimed to create a sustainable healthcare architecture and to provide a comforting environment for patients.
The surgery department:
1. Acute care surgery and adult trauma surgery
2. General surgery and surgical oncology
3. Endocrine, parathyroid and thyroid surgery
4. Vascular surgery and endovascular therapy
5. Gynecologic surgery
6. Head and neck surgery
7. Neurosurgery
8. Plastic and reconstructive surgery
9. Orthopedic surgery
10. Urology
The rehabilitation department
The rehabilitation department is divided into four main divisions:
1. Physiotherapy
1.1. Electrotherapy
1.2. Parafingo therapy
1.3. Hydrotherapy
1.4. General  rehabilitation room
1.5. Neurological rehabilitation
1.6. Cardiovascular rehabilitation
1.7. Thoracopulmonary rehabilitation
1.8. Rheumatological rehabilitation
2. Ergotherapy
3. Orthophony
4. Prosthesis and orthosis workshop