Villa Makdessi

Architecture Projects
Private Residences

The villa’s site required a special sensitivity concerning its orientation. At the request of the owner, it was decided that the villa basic massing is going to be directed as for the traditional Lebanese mountain houses rather than applying a modern style.

This two story classical villa is made out of natural rustic white stone. It contains features from the Lebanese traditional house such as arches with different scales/proportions and traditional windows and doors allowing the sun rays to enter the space. At the same time, the goal of this home was to provide a new look mountain household. So it was needed to focus on the structure, spaces, functions and gardens while retransforming them to suit nowadays new system of life.

The roof was entirely covered with typical red tiles. This house is elevated from the ground by several steps creating a majestic look. These steps lead to a huge seating platform containing triple arches that overlooks the garden. Looking into the left side of the front elevation, a wooden pergola is oriented toward the outdoor green landscape. The bluish railing on the sides gives a colorful aspect to the house.